1941: born on May 27 in 
Albuquerque, New Mexico 
1961-1962: attends Fort Lewis College 
1962-1965: serves in the U.S. Army 
1966-1968: attends University of 
New Mexico 
1968-1969: fellow in International 
writing program at University of 
1971: Naked in the Wind
1973: birth of daughter Sara Ortiz 
1974: The Killing of a State Cop
1974-1975: undergoes treatment for alcoholism 
1976: Going for the Rain
1977: A Good Journey
1978: Howbah Indians
Song, Poetry, and Language
1980: Fight Back
1981: A Poem is a Journey
From Sand Creek
Toward a National 
Indian Literature
1981: marries Marlene Foster 
1982: Blue and Red
The Importance of Childhood
1982: consulting editor of Pueblo of 
Acoma Press 
1983: Fightin'
1984: Always the Stories
1984: divorces Marlene Foster 
1985: The Creative Press
1988: The People Shall Continue
1991: Woven Stone
1994: After and Before the Lighting

By: Melanie Stephens